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Welcome to the Nigel Foster Kayak Store USA!

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Fresh air, recreation and fun! Check out the Nigel Foster Kayak Store USA range of kayaks, sit-on-tops and accessories! We sell Point 65's extraordinary modular kayaks and sit-on-tops which are easy-to-carry, easy-to-transport and easy-to-store. Check out the modular Rum Runner SUP! A practical alternative to the usual  challenge of owning transporting and storing a one-piece craft. Great for fishing, family fun and fitness training. We also offer a selection of paddles, kayak sails, spray decks, carts, spare parts, books and DVDs.

free shipping on all orders over $100.*

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Point65 modular martini kayak 3-seat

Point65 is here!

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You can reach this store at nigelstore.com, nigelkayakstore.com, nigelfosterkayakstore.com and at nigelfosterdesign.com.