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Rum Runner!

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Durable and easy-store Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)!

Point65 RUM Runner SUP click here for buying options

What's special and new?

Swap mid sectio to change from Rum Runner 11.5 to 12.5.

Rum Runner is a great concept to apply to SUP paddle sport. Modular snap-together technology of Point 65 applied to a paddle board that takes-apart for easy carrying, fits in the back of your car, with the durability and strength of roto-molded polyethylene.
No more worries about wrecking the roof of your SUP with a bump or scrape.

Rum Runner's displacement hull gives you a fast, stable, straight-tracking board on which to explore.
  Clip in the shorter mid-section for a lighter SUP with a carrying capacity of 265 lbs.
     Or.... clip in the longer mid-section to increase the carrying capacity to 300 lbs.

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Features inside storage access via a large deck hatch, so you can truly travel with your creature comforts securely stowed below deck.

Rum Runner, easy as one, two, three!

The Point 65 Rum Runner is an innovative, high-performance, modular, touring SUP with a displacement hull. This makes for a fast, stable, straight- tracking board on which to explore and exercise. And the manageable sections are easy to carry and get back home in the back of your car. You can store them under your bed, in a closet or on the balcony of your condo.

What is a Displacement Hull?

A displacement hull sit deeper in the water than a flat board. It allows the hull to glide smoothly through the water rather than splashing along the surface.
SUP's with displacement hulls are especially suitable for touring as they are faster, have superior tracking capabilities and handle most paddling conditions a lot better, whether paddling on flat water, chop or in really wild conditions. Displacement hull SUP's have quickly become the most popular.
However, most SUP's on the market  (and all inflatable SUP's) feature a flat hull. Flat hulled SUP's are easy to manufacture and are good for riding waves. But not everyone lives in California or on Hawaii. Usually displacement hull SUP's are higher volume crafts making them heavier to carry and to roof top. The modular Rum Runner resolves this. You can carry it one section at a time to transport in the back of a car. And of course you can easily store it indoors in a closet or under a bed, even in an apartment with an elevator.

Cool design, great performance! The Rum Runners looks are defined by distinct lines making it a fast ride and a head turner – both on and off the water. Like the modular kayaks, the Rum Runner features the innovative, patented Snap-Tap system for ultimate usability – both on and off the water. 

Two Sizes to fit all!

You can swap over the mid-section of your Rum Runner to change from a more playful shorter board to a longer cruising board. Your shorter mid-section clips together into an 11.5 feet long SUP with a carrying capacity of 265 pounds. Change to your longer mid-section for a 12.5 feet long board with a 300 pounds capacity. You just need one front end, one back end, and the two different middle sections.

Performance SUP

The Rum Runner is fast and fun, yet comfortably stable and straight tracking. It is a SUP that snaps apart and reassembles in seconds, making it by far the most easy to carry, rigid SUP. The rotomolded polyethylene construction provides a combination of strength and impact resistance that most other materials can’t match. Point 65’s Rum Runner also features lots of dry storage space with a watertight hatch in the front. The Rum Runner is a rigid, high performance, touring SUP that you can carry with a smile on your face, haul in the back of most cars, fit in an elevator and stow under your bed.

What else is Special?

Foam padding
The deck of the Rum Runner is partly covered with a structured EVA foam padding for paddling comfort and grip.
Cup holders and dry storage
The nose section has two built-in cup holders and a large oval hatch for easy loading into dry storage.
The deck features D-rings you can use to fasten lightweight cargo.
Accessory Tracks
These run either side of the middle section of the Rum Runner. You can use them to install a waterproof camera, GPS or fishing rod holder using market-ready mounts.
Retractable Fin
The Rum Runner features a fin to optimize tracking but unlike fixed fins, the fin retracts into the hull of the rear section on a forward travel impact or when beach-landing. However it's always better to dismount in shallow water.

So whether you plan to camp, cruise, fish, hunt or haul, it's all possible on the Rum Runner.

  And it's easy to store!

Rum Runner SUP

side view of Rum Runner

Created by Magnus De Brito, the award-winning Swedish design engineer.

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