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Snap Kayak

Modular SNAP
Solo or Tandem

     Buy SNAP! solo or tandem.

Snap is our introductory level sit on top kayak.
Lift into your car in sections. No need for a roof rack.
Clip together at the water in seconds for a quick getaway.
Made in USA using tough yellow blow-molded polyethylene.

Snap sit on top comes in solo or tandem
Simply snap mid section between front and back of solo to create tandem

Full facts, figures and dimensions!

Length 269cm / 8’10''
Width 65cm / 24,2”
Weight 18kg / 40lbs
Capacity 100kg / 220lbs

SNAP Tandem
Length 388cm / 12'9"'
Width 62cm / 24.2”
Weight 30kg / 67lbs
Capacity 220kg / 485lbs

SNAP by Section
Front Section 140cm / 55''
Mid Section 140cm / 55''
Back section 140cm / 55''
Weight/section approx 9-11kg / 20-24lbs

Backrest: Yes

A storage suggestion

A SNAP tandem can store in a box like this...

Click for Buckle Mounting Instructions.

We also carry Spare Parts in case you ever need them

SNAP Solo or Tandem