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A range of paddles to suit your needs!

A good paddle is key to your enjoyment of a day on the water, and generally you get what you pay for. When selecting a paddle consider factors such as weight, strength and materials.

Nigel Foster and Point65 kayak paddles

You can certainly feel the difference between a top end product and a basic one, but here is a selection of worthwhile paddles ranging from basic "day touring" through more refined "touring" to the top-end feather-lightweight paddles of carbon fiber, Kevlar and foam core.

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The Point65 Easy Tourer 2-piece 

A durable but affordable low angle paddle with glass reinforced nylon blades and 2-piece adjustable-angle aluminum shaft.
A durable but affordable low angle paddle with glass reinforced nylon blades and 2-piece
This paddle is surprisingly light at 1,130g.
Fitted with oval rubber grips and drip rings.
The blade shape is for low angle strokes.
2-piece: joined length 220cm, or 230cm..
Easy Tourer paddle 2-piece

     Buy Easy Tourer Paddle (2-piece)

The Point65 Adventure Tourer (2-piece)

A tough but affordable paddle designed for a high angle stroke.
Glass reinforced nylon blades with a 2-piece adjustable angle aluminum shaft, oval hand grips, and rubber drip rings.
Joined length 220cm. Weight 1,130g.

Go to purchase Adneture Tourer paddle     Buy Adventure Tourer Paddle (2-piece)

Paddle. P65 Nigel Foster GS. 2-piece.

Nigel Foster GS paddleSuper lightweight paddle, designed by Nigel Foster. The paddle for ultra-precise maneuvering. The smooth face and back design of the foam-core GS blade are crucial for precision and fine control.
Weight of 2-piece 800g.
Carbon, adjustable angle, 2-piece shaft, fiberglass foam-core blade.

(Comes in 205cm, 210cm, and 215cm.)

     Buy Nigel Foster GS. 2-piece

Paddle. P65 Nigel Foster AIR. 2pc.

The Nigel Foster AIR is extremely light, built 
to perfection, and a joy to use.
Designed by Nigel Foster specifically for paddlers with the highest demands on quality and weight. You can’t find a better-built product. Foam core/carbon blade, carbon/Kevlar shaft. 2-piece.
Weight 740g.
Adjustable to 3 angles.
Length 205cm
(Also comes in 215cm or 210cm)

Watch Nigel explain the AIR on YouTube.

     Buy Nigel Foster AIR 2-piece

   Nigel Foster signature ASIR paddle in carbon-foam core, carbon/Kevlar 2-piece shaft. Top of the range prefection!


                   Paddle Bags

Paddle bags to protect your two piece paddle. Colors yellow or blue.
You can protect your paddle, make it easier to carry, and keep the two parts together by using a paddle bag.

And you can strap your paddle bag securely to the deck of your kayak to carry a spare paddle as a safety precaution.

Each bag will carry one 2-part paddle, and has a protective baffle inside to keep blades apart.
Paddle bags come in two colors: yellow and blue.
(By nigel foster designs.)

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AIR paddle Seattle


Other accessories       

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