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Shipping Conditions

* We ship only to addresses in the 48 contiguous states of USA.
If your address is outside our area, we may be able to suggest an alternative vendor to supply your chosen product. In that case please use the "contact us" link once you have chosen your product... we'll do our best to connect you with someone local to serve you.

Kayaks and SUPs often ship by FedEx Freight, and certain delivery locations incur a FedEx delivery surcharge, which will be passed on to you. Examples of such locations are dense metropolitan areas (e.g. parts of New York and San Francisco), islands with ferry access, and remote places. FedEx have no specific list of such locations, so we have to obtain a quote from them for each address. If such a surcharge applies to your address, we will notify you for payment before shipping.
FedEx typically offers tracking information on their web-site, so you may be able to follow the progress of your purchase and anticipate its arrival. If available, we will send you the tracking details as soon as possible.

If you are unclear of our shipping conditions please contact us for clarification.