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        Sit-on-Top Modular Kayaks

Point 65 modular sit-on-top kayaks make storage, transport and carrying easy!

Move kayaks around in sections and snap them together in seconds when you are ready to launch! Go solo, or snap in a mid section for each extra person.

Back from your excursion, snap apart into easy-carry sections, No need for roof rack, security cables or padlocks. Transport in the back of your car. Store in manageable sections. Now you can take your kayak in an elevator, and store it in a closet or under the bed. Welcome to the convenience and versatility of modular!

There are two models of P65 modular sit-on-top kayak.

Tequila series offers a more robust jointing system for open water paddling and a super comfort AIR seat. The Fishing version, Tequila Angler, comes with integral rod holders and other great features, plus the comfort seat.

Apollo offers the most compact storage size with its snap-together technology. Padded seat back folds flat. There is a net across the rear storage well to secure your gear, and bungy ties across the front storage well.

Point65 Tequila. (Above) There are two models of Tequila:
The Tequila GTX and Tequila GTX Angler.
Point 65 Apollo Blow molded in USA.
Snap! (Above) (our budget priced model)

Shown above are Tequila (left) and Apollo (right).

Take a solo (left)

Add a mid section for each extra paddler...
and clip the sections together!

Tandem (below left) has one mid-section.

Below right... not to be left behind, another Tequila mid section.!

Tandem Apollo in a box.

Easy to Store!
Here is a tandem!

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