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About Nigel Foster

Nigel Foster is somewhat of a legend in the kayaking world. His international reputation is built on his designs, (eleven of his sea kayak designs have been commercially produced), his numerous books and articles, his instructional videos and DVDs, his expeditions and his teaching.

Nigel Foster is an international kayak teacher and has become an icon of modern sea kayaking. He is the designer behind the Point 65 Whisky 16 as well as Point 65's Nigel Foster AIR paddle the Nigel Foster GS, and the Explorer PFD.

Nigel is the first sea kayaker to be inducted into the International Kayaking Hall of Fame.

You can learn more about him at his web site nigelkayaks.com, and about his designs at nigelfosterdesigns.com.

nigl foster in action paddling the Whisky16 kayak

Nigel Foster in the

Point65 Whisky16.