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Point65 Sweden - Apollo

Modular Apollo
Solo, Tandem, Triple – and more…

(The Point 65 Apollo is made in the USA.)

Buy Apollo solo or tandem

The  take-apart Apollo is a  fun, rigid modular sit-on-top kayak. Snaps apart in seconds so it's really easy to carry, store and transport. The Apollo is P65's most manageable take-apart kayak. Each section is just 55 inches long, so it will fit into a small car!

Go solo, go tandem, go triple — keep going
Snap in the mid-section and your Solo transforms into a high-performance Tandem. Add another mid-sections for as many paddlers as you want.

Easy to carry and transport!
The Apollo, made in the USA in durable HTP (High Performance Thermoplastic), is easy to handle on and off the water. With Point 65’s Snap-Tap system, the Apollo snaps apart to be extremely easy to carry in sections, and reassembles in seconds into a rigid kayak that is comfortable, stable and strong.
The Apollo will fit in the back of most cars. It fits comfortably in SUV, crossover and mini vans with plenty of room to spare.

Comfort and ease
The Apollo features a comfortable seat, contoured foot braces and a tankwell for safe storage of your dry bag on your next adventure. The fold-down padded backrest offers great back support yet lies flat for compact storage. The Apollo is great for your fishing adventures, either alone or with a friend – all in one kayak. With a second mid-section between two paddlers, you can create additional cargo space.

No heavy lifting
No need to lift up to a roof rack.The Apollo Tandem easily fits into the back of even a small sedan so you keep your  gas mileage low.
Convenient, it fits easily into an elevator, under your bed or in your closet. Fun and easy to own.

Versatility & durability
Designed for comfort and stability, the Point 65 Apollo is also a nimble, highly maneuverable recreational kayak with plenty of legroom. And whether you paddle the Apollo as a solo or tandem, this is an extremely durable, rigid, sit-on-top kayak. It’s perfect for exercising, a day trek or just some fun on the water.

The Apollo is manufactured  by Snap Kayaks USA LLC under license from Point 65 Sweden AB

     Buy Apollo solo or tandem

     Buy Apollo Mid-section only

Full facts, figures and dimensions!

Apollo Solo
Length 269cm / 8’10''
Width 65cm / 24,2”
Weight 18kg / 40lbs
Capacity 100kg / 220lbs

Apollo Tandem
Length 388cm / 12'9"'
Width 62cm / 24.2”
Weight 30kg / 67lbs
Capacity 220kg / 485lbs

Apollo by Section
Front Section 140cm / 55''
Mid Section 140cm / 55''
Back section 140cm / 55''
Weight/section approx 9-11kg / 20-24lbs

Backrest Yes
Warranty 1 year


Click for Point65 Apollo Buckle Mounting Instructions.

We also carry Spare Parts in case you ever need them.

Point65 Sweden - Apollo