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These kayaking books offer inspiration and ideas! See the world through the eyes of a paddler!

The Art of Kayaking book by Nigel FosterThe Art of Kayaking, Nigel Foster's new comprehensive technical kayaking manual, is the distilled essence of a lifetime of kayak instruction at all skill levels and around the world, with the added insights gained from years of designing kayaks, paddles, and kayaking equipment.

Here is more essential detail about commonly used techniques than ever before published in a single volume.

Color photo action sequences show how to perfect and apply skills. Maps, tables, and diagrams walk the reader through essential planning steps. No matter which kayak, paddle, or style of paddling the reader prefers, appropriate techniques are described in The Art of Kayaking clearly and concisely. The progression through the book makes it easy to start as beginner or expert and access as much information as can be tackled. It is a definitive manual designed to stand the test of time.

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On Polar Tides book by Nigel FosterOn Polar Tides

In 1981, Nigel Foster flew to Canada’s Baffin Island to begin a solo kayak trip south toward northern Labrador. After crossing the 40-mile wide Hudson Strait in howling winds and fighting a 10 knot tide race, Foster crash-landed on a small island in the dark. He had frostbitten fingers and was 300 miles from the closest village. With unimaginable good fortune, eight days later he ran across an oil tanker and hitched a ride south. He had survived—marking one of the most notable solo crossings in history—but the failure of the second portion of the trip he had originally planned haunted him.
In 2004, Foster returned to northern Labrador with his then girlfriend (now wife) Kristin Nelson. Launching from Kuujjuaq in Northern Quebec, the couple paddled the Ungava Bay coast—which has one of the largest tidal variances in the world—to the place Foster had boarded the oil tanker 23 years earlier. From this remote location, the couple completed the trip to Nain that Foster originally planned for 1981. They encountered polar bears more often than people. The story of the two trips forms the backbone for On Polar Tides—Originally self-published as Stepping Stones in 2009—which offers an intimate and insightful view of Ungava and Labrador. The new, revised edition includes gripping recollections of the polar adventures and 54 color photographs.

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Paddling Southern Florida guide book by Nigel FosterPaddling Southern Florida, by Nigel Foster (Falcon Guides /  Globe Pequot Press) offers more than 53 paddling routes around Southern Florida.

It is a completely updated, color guide book with travel directions and suggestions for accommodation, camping and restaurants to accompany the paddling route descriptions, route maps and informative sidebars.
Nigel Foster has meticulously updated his earlier guide book with new insights, added route options and a number of new routes for the paddler who already has a copy of "Sea Kayaking in Southern Florida".
Includes color photographs and maps.

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Encounters from a kayak tells 39 kayak related stories

Nigel's book, Encounters from a Kayak FalconGuides (November 2012).

Arranged into four sections, Creatures, People, Places, and Flotsam and Jetsam, the 39 stories in Encounters come from Nigel's own experiences around the world and through time.

Color images throughout. A timeless reminder that paddling exposes you to a wonderful variety of experiences, maybe funny, or sad, scary or beautiful.

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Stepping Stones tells a lot about Northern Labrador

Stepping Stones of Ungava and Labrador

Written following Nigel's 2004 kayak journey with Kristin Nelson in northeastern Canada and published by Outskirts Press.
It describes a remote coast of Ungava and Labrador, with it's displays of the aurora, historical gems and remains from its past inhabitants. It also describes Nigel's earlier epic solo crossing of Hudson Strait, (more here) and the couple's encounters with polar bears.
To learn more about the book and gain access to the supporting information, maps etc... click here.

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Guide book to Sea Kayaking in Southern Florida by Nigel FosterSea Kayaking guide to Southern Florida offers a range of trip options. Trips range from basic to advanced, half-day to multi-day in duration.
This is one of the worlds most spectacular and wildlife-rich marine habitats.
Each of the forty-plus options is described in detail with prominent landmarks and interesting sites along the way. Detailed maps, and overviews of Southern Florida's weather, tides and current patterns add to the thorough coverage of paddling this spectacular coastline.
Sidebars draw attention to points of local interest, wildlife and history. Camping, lodging and restaurant information make logistics easy.

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