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Spare Parts

Replace lost or old Point65 parts with fresh new ones!

Spare parts including kayak hatch lidsHatch lids (Point65)
At arrow, Round 15cm.
Top center: Lightweight Round 20cm.
Top Left: Round 24cm.
Bottom: Oval 26 x 44cm.

To avoid loss, we recommend you tether your hatch to your kayak using the hole in the hatch security tab.

Useful tip:
Hatch lids are durable and long lasting, but you can extend their useful life and also make them more supple, which makes them easier to secure and to take off, by spraying and lightly wiping with a UV protective spray such as "303 Aerospace Protectant".

     Buy Hatch Lids.

back band for Martini basic model

The Ergo backrest small is available for the Martini basic model. (GTX and GTX Angler come with the comfort AIR seat.)

Useful tip: to extend the life of the Ergo back rest, rinse with fresh water especially after use in salt water.

     Buy Ergo Backrest Small.

     Buy spare Buckles and Ratchet Straps (used to lock modular kayak parts together)

Replacement Ratchet Straps and Buckles fit all models of Point65 take apart kayaks.

Tip: avoid over-tightening the buckle as this can make it difficult to release, and can stress the strap. If it is difficult to tighten, leave it be!

Useful tip:
Avoid standing your modular kayak parts on end with the buckles or ratchets in the sand. Rinse with fresh water after use to keep ratchet strap and buckle teeth clean and free of debris, and also to allow modular parts to join smoothly. If you assemble your kayak at the waters edge you can always rinse the joints clean before clipping together if necessary.
Avoid folding the straps.

(Spare Parts)

check back for more accessories