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Point 65 Tequila GTX

Point 65 Tequila GTX sit-on-top take-apart kayak with comfort AIR seats, solo and tandem

Extra comfort GTX with AIR seats!

Take-apart Sit-on-top kayak for solo, tandem or more people. Simply add sections for more seats.
GTX comes with comfort AIR seats which fold flat for carrying and storage.

Solo to tandem to solo
Tequila GTX solo and tandem clip together and snap apart in seconds for easy carrying, easy transport and easy storage.

No need to buy two kayaks. Snap together front and back sections for a nimble solo sit-on-top kayak. Snap in the center section and you are ready to bring a friend!

Ultimate Seat Comfort!
Tequila GTX comes with a super-comfortable AIR seat. The AIR seat with a pneumatically adjustable backrest offers easy comfort adjustment.

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solo, tandem or extra sections.

Facts figures and dimensions

Length 295cm / 9'8"
Capacity 100kg / 265 lbs
Width 75cm / 29.5"
Weight 22kg / 48.5 lbs

Comfort AIR Seat included
Warranty 1 year
Color options and prices: solo

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Tequila GTX solo characteristics chart

Length 416cm / 13'8"
Width75cm / 29.5"
Weight tandem 35kg / 77 lbs
Capacity tandem 240kg / 530 lbs

Comfort AIR Seats included
Warranty 1 year
Color options tandem

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Tequila GTX tandem characteristics chart

By Section
Weight per section (approx average) 11kg / 24.3 lbs
Front section length 166cm / 5'5"
Mid section length 163cm / 5'4"
Back section length 169cm / 5'7"

Buy Tequila GTX by section     Buy Tequila GTX by section

Comfort AIR Seats with pneumatically adjustable seat back included with each seat position.
Warranty 1 year
Color options solo
Color options tandem,

Tequila GTX user characteristics chart

Point 65 Tequila GTX

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