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Point 65 Martini GTX Angler

Martini GTX Angler is a versatile decked fishing kayak with features for a comfortable angling experience!

A step to the future!
The Martini GTX Angler is a decked, take-apart fishing kayak with a roomy and comfortable cockpit. The kayak snaps apart in seconds into easily manageable pieces for carrying, transporting in the back of a car, and easy storage. It will even fit into an elevator for secure storage in the closet of your apartment or hotel room. Made of strong and durable polyethylene.
"GTX" offers
the extra comfort of an AIR seat with stylish seat cushion and pneumatically adjustable back support band.
"Angler" adds
the rod holders and accessory mounts you need for a wonderful day out fishing. You get it all with Martini GTX Angler!

Solo or tandem today?
You are all geared up to go exploring solo in your Martini GTX Angler when you you decide to take along an interested family member, or a special fishing buddy. Not a problem! Simply unsnap the front from the back of your solo and clip in a mid section. Now you have a tandem Martini GTX Angler, ready for the ultimate fishing adventure! Of course you can even add an extra mid-section to carry the extra cargo to make your day out super-luxurious!

Fitted out ready to go!
The Martini GTX Angler is fitted out comfortably with a stylish seat cushion on each molded seat, supportive backrest adjustable pneumatically to fine-tune comfort, and adjustable foot braces for dynamic seating position. The rudder integrated in the hull design is a robust feature to help you steer confidently. Quick-thread attachment offers easy set up when snapping sections together. Steering is from the back seat when Martini GTX Angler is assembled with more than one seat. Add the fitted spray cover and you can even enjoy the ride in choppier conditions.

Fishing Features
Martini GTX Angler comes with two integrated rod holders behind each seat, and a deck-mounted rod holder in front of each seat. In addition each solo, as well as each mid section, comes with two additional deck mounts for the owner to add more rod holders or other equipment. For your convenience there is also a "fish-o-meter" on the side of the kayak so you can easily measure your catch. There are two storage compartments accessed through hatches, front and back. For extra cargo storage for items such as a larger cooler, consider adding an extra mid section and a cockpit cover to seal out the splashes.

Facts and figures!

Length 285cm / 9'4"
Width 700cm / 27.6"
Weight 22kg / 48.5 lbs
Capacity 100kg / 265 lbs
Cockpit size 83cm x 46cm / 33" x 18"
Front hatch 20 x 20cm / 7.9 x 7.9"
Rear hatch 44 x 26cm / 17 x 10"
Rudder Yes
Warranty 1 year

Length 416cm / 13'8"
Width 700cm / 27.6"
Weight 35kg / 77 lbs
Capacity 240kg / 530 lbs
Cockpit size 83cm / 46cm / 33" x 18"
Front hatch 20 x 20cm / 7.9" x 7.9"
Rear hatch 44 x 26cm / 17" x 10"
Rudder Yes. Steered from back seat.
Warranty 1 year

"User Characteristics" chart applies for both solo and tandem.

Point65 Martini GTX Angler

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