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        About Modular Kayaks!

Good reasons to buy a modular kayak, and advice on choosing between a decked (sit-in) kayak a sit-on-top kayak or an SUP.

modular sit-on-top kayaksThe Point 65 modular solution simplifies kayak storage, transport and carrying to the beach!
There are decked and sit-on-top touring kayaks, and even SUPs you can carry in easily portable sections.

To snap them together takes only seconds at the waters edge and you are ready to go!

Need an extra kayak seat to take a friend, family member, or special pet with you? Simply add a mid section, or even two, or three, and you have a tandem, or triple, or four-seater.

Point65 Tequilla and Apollo sit-on-top kayaks

When you return from your adventure simply un-clip your kayak or SUP to transport in the back of your car.

No need for a roof rack, security cables or padlocks. Simply lock your kayak inside your car!

Tequila Point65 kayak easy to store

No problem to take your kayak in an elevator, or store it in a closet or under a bed. That's the convenience and versatility of modular!

Now choose your style: sit-in, or sit-on, or stand-up.

Sit-on-tops and SUPs are the easiest way to get afloat. Just like a surf board there's no feeling of entrapment. If you fall off you scramble back on again. Place your feet in the position that fits best and you're away! While you head off exploring you can get your legs suntanned, you can slip into the water to cool off and slide back on board, you can tether your kayak or board to you and snorkel. It's worth practicing getting on and off in shallow water, and then in deeper water too, so you can do it smoothly and confidently.
Sit-on-tops and SUPs are great for warm water environments, and for summer touring. In a cold water environment, or for winter paddling, you will need more protective clothing, or you might prefer a sit-in decked kayak.

Decked kayaks (sit-ins) offer more protection against the elements. You are sheltered in the kayak from the waist down. If you wear a spray deck you can keep the splashes out too, whether from rain, from drips from your paddle, or from waves. So a lot of paddlers prefer a sit-in kayak  for cold water places, and for winter.
You will need to practice a few skills, such as how to get in and out smoothly, and what to do if you overturn, but you can easily pick up the information from an instructional DVD, or take a class.  You can fine-tune your foot brace positions for ultimate performance and comfort and use the rudder for steering.
Decked kayaks offer knee/thigh contact which adds to your control of the craft, so you can develop a wider skill range than you can using a sit-on-top.

Choose: sit-in,  sit-on, or stand-up..

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